Smaller Size, Greater Impact: Redefining Neural Connectivity with our Advanced Wireless Interface

UNDERSTANDING the brain is one of the central challenges of modern science

Despite its importance, very little is known about its exact operation, even with the strides that have been made in the last couple of decades

This is partly due to current neural recording solutions being limited in many aspects. Tethered approaches cause injuries and limit animal movement, while wireless solutions are either too heavy, or transmit limited amount of information

To gain a better understanding, devices capable of wirelessly observing high frequency electrophysiological activity from many more single neurons than currently possible are required

Neural probes already capable of recording thousands of channels are available, however there are no devices that can wirelessly transmit the corresponding data amount from a compact enough package without compressing and losing data

To tackle these issues we have developed a proprietary wireless data acquisition system with the potential to record from thousands of channels without compression

KEY Benefits

Wireless Neural Recording Systems

Lightweight enough to be usable with mice


The potential to wirelessly record from thousands of channels


Improved animal welfare. Increased data rates get the most out of each experiment, requiring less animals to be sacrificed. Low weight package minimizes animal discomfort.