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NEUROVLC was formed in 2020 by combining world-class research of the free-space optical communication and neurophotonics groups, based in the University of Strathclyde’s Institute of Photonics. This collaborative approach in commercialising research allowed expertise from both research areas to collaborate effectively in tackling neuroscience challenges in a unique way. NeuroVLC aims to gain a better understanding of the brain’s exact operation, using a proprietary wireless neural recording system, with the potential to record and transmit more than 1000x more data than competing solutions. We aim to support the development of novel treatments, technologies and targeted therapies for brain-related health conditions and diseases. This technology is protected by a patent application filed by the University of Strathclyde with UK Patent Application No 1715910.4.

We are seeking early adopters interested in test driving our systems. Additionally, commercial partners to develop, license or exploit the IP with. For more information, please contact us at the details below.

neuro Technology

The Board

Dr. Ian Muirhead



Dr. Gábor Várkonyi

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Emma Millhouse

University Board Observer

Scientific advisory board

Prof. Keith Mathieson


Prof. Martin Dawson


Dr. Shuzo Sakata

Electrophysiology expert

Dr. Jonathan McKendry


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Level 5, Technology and Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde, 99 George St, Glasgow, G1 1RD, UK

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